竹又 中川竹材店

Kyoto is known for its production of high quality bamboo products. Takemata Nakagawa Takezaiten based in Kyoto has been making bamboo products for more than 320 years. Bamboo, particularly in this city, has a history of being used for all aspects of daily life; from traditional architecture including tea houses and gardens to small items such as tea ceremony utensils. Now we are actively involved in creation beyond tradition, for instance in the manufacturing of modern interiors and installation projects for artists. What makes us unique is that our skilled craftsmen can flexibly meet the diverse needs of our clients in terms of the product requirements and the production scale. From one-of-a-kind items to mass production, from small items to construction materials, from traditional crafts to modern design; Takemata continues to explore the endless possibilities of the use of bamboo.