むす美 山田繊維株式会社

Since the company was established in 1937, Yamada Seni has made original furoshiki products; a simple square piece of versatile cloth. It is a unique and old cultural custom in Japan to use furoshiki to wrap in a practical and beautiful manner anything you wish to protect or cherish; from your daily lunch to luxurious gifts. Yamada Seni would like to strengthen this custom for it strongly reflects how we value the things around us and our hospitality to others. Furoshiki disappeared from the scene for a little while, but now it has become increasingly popular again in recent years. This is due to the fact that furoshiki offers a more environmentally and human friendly way of wrapping and carrying as opposed to plastic bags. Our brand Musubi introduces both in Japan and abroad new kinds of furoshiki in different colors and designs that are suitable for today's lifestyle. Yamada Seni continues to make everyday life richer with furoshiki through: new technologies including double sided printing, waterproof finishing, and active collaborations with creators.