株式会社 京都絞美京

Kyoto Shibori Bikyo provides beautiful textiles dyed in the traditional shibori way. Our fabrics are both used for traditional kimonos and accessories as well as for modern fashion items such as bags and scarfs. We use the kanoko shibori technique which literally means: squeezed in the pattern of a fawn, a baby deer. It is a unique dyeing technique where hundreds of knots are made in the fabric before dyeing it. The result is a distinctively elegant texture and a pattern that resembles the back of a fawn. In 2013, Kiichi Matsuoka, our third generation head of the company, launched a new brand called Kizomé which includes modern fashion that is based on the heritage of traditional kimono making techniques. Kizomé has been exploring the possibilities of this fabric, for example through the development of an innovative new technology to make shibori with the combination of a digital 3D printer and the work of highly skilled craftsmen. Our philosophy is to make products for those who enjoy fashion based on tradition. KYOTO SHIBORI BIKYO aims to continue to look at the production process in new ways for new services and new items to be enjoyed in wearing and handling.