株式会社 種田

Since Taneda was founded in 1837 the company has dedicated itself to making kimono accessories from elegant and delicate fabrics made with kanoko-shibori techniques, which literally translates into: squeezing in the pattern of a fawn, a baby deer. This technique of making hundreds of knots in a textile before dyeing it is carried out by highly skilled craftsmen, and creates a unique pattern that resembles the spots on the back of this animal. In addition it results in a very delicate texture. Besides this dyeing technique, our products also consist out of the efforts of several other artisans including golden embroidery and textile painting. All of their work combined, under our constant quality control, results in highly sophisticated and beautiful products. Furthermore, we seek to establish collaborations with projects both in and outside of Japan. Our textiles were used, for instance, for dresses in haute couture collections in Paris in 2011. This was well-received and showed us that people from all over the world value and appreciate these precious fabrics. Our aim is to continue to work on the bridge we are building between our century-old techniques and the possibilities of our textiles abroad today's creativity.