株式会社 江村商店

Emura Shoten has been established in Kyoto in 1917, and has since been a wholesaler of a variety of kimono textiles collected from all over Japan, such as Nishijin-ori (a silk woven fabric from Kyoto), Kyo-Yuzen (a dyed fabric from Kyoto) and Tsumugi (a soft woven fabric from Kagoshima and Ibaraki). In addition we have developed and produced our own original textiles by a special weaving technique. We are also constantly exploring ways of using traditional fabrics in innovative ways, for instance in our new products: the Yuzen dish and the Nishijin dish. These are elegant glass dishes in which a layer of kimono fabric is placed in between two layers of glass. While appreciating the traditional values passed on to us over time we also keep seeking to make a change with new creations, without being afraid of taking the past apart a little.